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Why Partner With KB Contract?

KB Contract is your go-to fabric source for in-stock and affordable styles. With 19 strategic warehouses across the US, KB Contract has an incredible depth of in-stock patterns. Our inventory footprint not only supports cut yardage but also gives us an advantage to fulfill large project yardage orders as well. What is even better is that we can ship in-stock products in as little as 1 day. 

KB Contract is your source for affordable fabrics, vinyl, polyurethanes, and leathers. Your budget is very important to us. Here at KB Contract, we do not want you to have to give up design and style for price. We have an extensive offering of products under $15 to $20 a yard and even a few performance collections under $10 yard.

Personalized Service 
KB Contract is a proud relationship-based company. Here at KB Contract, we work for you. We hand- pick your samples to ensure accuracy and to fulfill personalized requests. You will receive incredible service and response rates from our knowledgeable and professional Account Managers and Sales Representatives. Also, by working with our team, we can make sure that what products you select will not only outperform your desired project application but will also meet your budget and deadline.

Quick Custom Capabilities
Here at KB Contract, we understand that sometimes what you want just cannot be found. Whether you need a vinyl, polyurethane, leather or fabric or even need to achieve a specific price point or deadline, we will work with you and our manufacturing partners to develop the perfect textile to fit your specific project’s needs. Specifically for fabrics, we work with several weaving mills in the US that allow us to turnaround custom fabric orders for several thousand yards in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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