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The Pamplona III Collection

Elevate Your Space with the NEW Pamplona III Collection from KB Contract Textiles

We are thrilled to introduce the Pamplona III Collection from KB Contract Textiles – a carefully curated selection of 10 exquisite leathers, each with its own unique story and distinctive qualities. Get ready to embark on a journey through a spectrum of leather styles, ranging from rustic, distressed textures to the luxurious appeal of shiny leather.

The Pamplona III Collection proudly showcases leathers with names that evoke their origin and character – Volta, Rio Branco, Acre, Franca, Canoas, Belem, Cascavel, Natal, Codo, and Dourados. Each leather in this collection tells a compelling story, offering you a diverse palette to choose from.

Versatility for Every Vision

Are you drawn to bold and vibrant aesthetics, or do you prefer the timeless charm of classic brown leather? Whatever your vision, the Pamplona III Collection caters to your taste. With a range of styles, this collection ensures that there's a perfect leather to bring your design concept to life.

Unparalleled Protection with a Crypton Finish

What sets this collection apart is the advanced Crypton protective finish present in seven of the featured leathers. This innovative finish enhances the leather and provides an unparalleled level of stain resistance and durability. Practicality meets aesthetics, making these leathers ideal for high-traffic areas.

KB Contract Exclusive Emboss Program

As part of our commitment to customization, we are excited to present the KB Contract Exclusive Emboss Program. With a minimum requirement of just one hide, you can now access a selection of 20 unique embossed patterns. This exclusive program empowers you to create custom looks tailored to your individual taste. For further details, reach out to your dedicated sales representative.

Elevate your spaces with these exceptional leathers and make a lasting impression with KB Contract Textiles. We bring you not just visually striking options but also practical solutions for your design needs.

Ready to transform your space? Explore the Pamplona III Collection today and experience the perfect blend of style and substance.

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