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Essence Cinnamon Custom Project Case Study

A subsidiary of a 155 year old family-owned textile company, KB Contract Textiles is a leading hospitality distributor whose values still embody the foundational footprint established in 1868 - honest goods and premium service at a fair price.

Today, we make IT happen. Whether it is open line, exclusive or custom capabilities, KB Contract Textiles has a vast line of performance fabrics, vinyl & leather at exceptional price points. With 18 distribution centers across the US, KB Contract Textiles has an amazing depth of inventory on the shelf, leading to shorter delivery times and reduced shipping costs.

In December 2022, a New York design firm came to us looking for 5,200 yards of a ginger-colored soft tweed or chenille for guestrooms for a large hotel property. Although we did not have the exact color match in our existing product line, our team of dedicated account managers and sales representatives collaborated and developed an alternate.

The result was Essence Cinnamon, a beautiful, chenille fabric that met spec, budget and timeline. Within 5 weeks of receiving the purchase order, this domestically woven texture was in the design firms' hands at a mid-teens price point.

We are so in love with the durability, vibrancy, and hand of this Essence that it is going to have a permanent spot in our line as part of our Rapid Ready program. Essence will feature 26 colorways ranging from calming neutrals to gorgeous hues.

Here at KB Contract Textiles, we understand that sometimes what you want just cannot be found. Whether you need a vinyl, polyurethane, leather or fabric or even need to achieve a specific price point or deadline, we will work with you and our manufacturing partners to develop the perfect textile to fit your specific project’s needs.

Specifically for fabrics, we work with several weaving mills in the US that allow us to turnaround custom fabric orders for several thousand yards in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Dream big with custom capabilities from KB Contract Textiles. Give the friendly and knowledgeable KB Contract Textiles team a call today at 877-498-3344 to ensure that what products you select will not only outperform your desired project application but will also meet your budget and deadline.

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