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Discover Jinya and Cozze

Jinya and Cozze

Introducing Cozze and Jinya, our newest Crypton moisture barrier fabrics, designed to elevate your space with their striking designs and superior performance. Utilizing advanced Crypton technology, these fabrics resist water-based stains, repel spills and odors, and clean effortlessly. Liquids bead up on the surface, allowing for easy wipe-off without staining. Built to withstand high-traffic areas, Cozze and Jinya are engineered for lasting durability.

Jinya blends retro charm with modern aesthetics in an electrifying pattern of curved lines that create wave-like horizons. Available in five vibrant colorways, Jinya brings a captivating design element to any project and can be woven and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks.

Jinya Specifications:
Width: 54 in
Weight: 18.05 oz / linear yard
Composition: Surface: 94% BC Polyester, 6% Polyester
Finish: Crypton® Moisture Barrier
Abrasion: 94,000 DR

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Cozze features a unique flaked design that mimics small, asymmetrical layered pieces. Its bold color combinations add depth and texture, providing striking design options for any space. With seven distinctive colorways, Cozze can also be crafted and delivered in 6 to 8 weeks.

Cozze Specifications:
Width:54 in
Weight: 20.62 oz / linear yard
Composition: Surface: 100% Polyester BC
Finish: Crypton® Moisture Barrier
Abrasion: 86,000

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Enhance your interiors with these stunning new additions to our Crypton collections!

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